Granville Street approaching completion

Thanks to our fantastic team in Boston the house is now well on it way to being ready to let.

Its been completely re-wired and re-plumbed with new bathrooms and kitchen. We ran into some challenges which is to be expected but after a short pause to dig out and replace the kitchen floor and reboard two rooms upstairs we’re back on track and set to finish a full 8 weeks ahead of schedule.

The house is currently undergoing a full redecoration and carpets arrive on the 31st of July. We’ll be ready to let the rooms in early August.

Granville Street Work Starts!

In 2017 we converted a “Tardis like” end of terrace house in King Street, Boston into a three bed, two bathroom HMO in Boston, this house has been so popular that in December 2018 we agreed to purchase another house that is very similar and do the same again.

We completed the purchase in April 2019 which was longer than we would have liked but hey ho… work started early May and four weeks in the team are making sterling progress.

As with any project there will always (without exception) be some speed bumps and this property is no different in that respect. In addition to the usual lurking damp issues and patches of woodworm in the floorboards we have uncovered Japanese Knotweed in the garden, a new kitchen floor is needed as its quarry tile on earth and one skin of a lath and plaster wall upstairs needs to be replaced as it has failed.

On the up side, we have fantastic neighbours who are being very understanding about all the disruption and who in return we’ve allowed to use the bottom of the garden as an allotment.

We also uncovered a beautiful original tiled floor in the hallway when the carpets came up and we’ll be restoring this to its original state as a feature.

Work is due to be completed by mid July, so we’ll update again in July!